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third time writing you a letter, getting darker

deleting this blog lol bye

I move 2 Melbourne in two weeks THIS IS NOT OK also my uni timetable will be from like 9am-5 or 6pm every day but Fridays which I have off and poo

So I’ve wanted to move to Melbourne for uni for a really long time, and pretty much since I got my year 12 results I knew I was going to get in somewhere. I got a scholarship offer two weeks ago and a course offer the other day but it never really felt real. But today I got my accommodation offer and I am actually starting to come to terms with the fact I’m about to get on a boat and move away from the island I’ve lived on my whole life, away from my family and everything. I have just over there weeks until I move… And I have to fly to Melbourne for the next ten days to attend info sessions…

I’m overwhelmed


Valentino Haute Couture S/S 2013 Backstage

i just got a scholarship offer to go to my dream uni I’m so happy guys (*^ワ^*)


A letter from schizophrenic patient Emmy Hauck to her husband. It consists only phrase “Herzensschatzi komm” (darling please come) and “komm komm komm” (come, come, come ) repeated over and over.



Elie Saab

Dylan Sprouse’s new TV show: Sweet Life On Dick